Law & Legal Services Sector

The UK’s legal systems are globally recognised and used in commercial and financial centres around the world. Each year around 18,000 students enrol on more than 1,500 law courses in the UK.

Did you know…

  • The UK’s common-law system dates back to the 12th century, and forms the basis for legal systems in Commonwealth countries and English-speaking countries around the world. English commercial law is often the governing law in international contracts.

  • Four of the world’s 10 largest law firms are headquartered in the UK, and hundreds of international firms have offices here. More international and commercial arbitrations take place in London than in any other city in the world. (Source:

  • Students in the UK are given unique opportunities to learn from professionals and make industry connections. The UK ranks second in the world for collaboration between universities and businesses. (Source: BIS)

  • As the UK is part of the European Union, the UK operates a consolidation of UK and EU law, and UK universities offer world-renowned courses in European law. Many international students choose to study European law here, or European law alongside other subjects.

  • UK degree courses are designed to develop your skills in critical thinking, reasoned argument and problem-solving – qualities that appeal to employers all over the world.

There are three legal systems in the UK – one for England and Wales, one for Northern Ireland and another for Scotland – though elements such as commercial law and taxation law are similar. You may therefore find the content and structure of law courses is slightly different, depending on where you study. 



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