HM Forces Sector

There is a lot of variety in this sector, whether it is working in the Army, RAF or Navy, but there is one common theme, the protection and rescue of the nation’s civilians.

All services offer varied careers from Engineering, Infantry, Medical, Logistics, Communications, Trades, IT and Communications, HR and Finance, Musical and Ceremonial.

  • The number of full-time trained personnel in the UK armed forces is 156,000. Around two thirds of that being the Army workforce
  • In the Navy over 30,000 skilled men and women work in multi-disciplinary teams
  • The RAF is the oldest air force in the world with over 50 available roles and multiple career development opportunities. They employ everyone from Chefs and Photographers, to ICT Technicians and Pilots

How to find out the opportunities………

  • To join the Army including different entry points from Junior to Officer, reserves and even a bursary scheme if you would like to continue with education, please visit: for more info.
  • To join the RAF you need to meet certain criteria some of which may be role specific. To find out more about criteria and the range of opportunities...please visit:
  • To explore opportunities in the Navy...please visit: careers there are many roles available and opportunities at a range of levels.



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