Engineering Sector

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Engineering contains a large number of job opportunities and specialties. It is an essential part of the expanding world in which we live. From drilling the bottom of the sea bed, designing eco-friendly motor engines and developing new medical equipment, every part of our day to day lives involves some sort of engineering.

Jobs you could do include being an Aerospace Engineer, Oil and Gas Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, and Mechanical Engineer. 

Here of a couple of more detailed examples of careers within this sector:

Aerospace Engineering which is the study of the design, development, and production of air and spacecraft. This engineering discipline is often divided between those who pursue careers on the aeronautical side and those working on space craft. Both air and space vehicles contain complex subsystems that require specialists from many engineering groups such as electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering.

Agricultural engineering is also known as biological engineering, and it covers subjects from aquaculture (raising food sources that thrive in water), to land farming and forestry. These engineers also develop biofuels, plan animal environments, and find better food processing methods. Often they work in offices, but they are also outdoors and traveling to worksites where they oversee equipment function in agricultural settings, and assure that government regulations are met.



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