Energy Sector

Suffolk is at the forefront of low carbon energy production with many new and established companies working in offshore wind, oil and gas, nuclear and biomass industries.

Unprecedented investment will see Suffolk leading the way as a net energy supplier to millions of homes with thousands of wind turbines to be sited off our coast and potential construction of the new Sizewell C nuclear power plant.

The county is also capitalising on other new and emerging low carbon energy production techniques with local companies already installing biomass and bio-digestion plants.

Suffolk’s energy sector is expanding rapidly with developments in the nuclear, oil and gas and offshore wind industry bringing many opportunities.

Decommissioning of redundant oil and gas platforms in the North Sea offers a multi-billion opportunity with the potential of working on more than 500 platforms over the next 25 years.

The energy sector looks set to create an estimated 100,000 jobs nationally, which are higher paid and more skilled than average. Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth Enterprise Zone has ambitions to create 9000 jobs in the two towns by 2025 and the construction of Sizewell C will create up to 5000 (at the peak of construction) jobs with 900 permanent jobs operating it.

This sector has a number of well-established employers offering Apprenticeship and Graduate Schemes, engineers are in high demand with a range of technical support roles also available.  It is also worth noting this sector has a large supply chain so employment opportunities can be within smaller companies and include support services such as security, environment, customer service, finance and ICT.

Companies in this sector operating across Suffolk are:

EDF Energy, UK Power Networks, Smartest Energy, SITA, Flow Energy, UX Energy Services, Haven Power, SSE, Gas Transportation Company


EDF Energy will be bringing Virtual Reality kits that, by using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI),  creates a 360° virtual reality film that takes viewers on a journey to a virtual environment and a place they can’t physically go in real life, inside a nuclear reactor – to see how nuclear energy is produced.  The students will get to discover how nuclear energy produces electricity for your home, where they will shrink to the size of an atom and journey with us to the core of a nuclear reactor.