Creative Industries Sector

The creative sector is one of the fastest growing in the UK and covers a wide range of exciting industries from fine art to computer games.

Suffolk is home to an increasing number of high profile creative industries, dynamic small enterprises and talented self-employed people including film, media, software design, advertising, animation, fashion, arts, performance and music.

The county has always attracted creative people and is fast becoming known for its film-friendly locations and an internationally recognised calendar of cultural events.

Software developers and advertising media design businesses provide almost half the jobs in the sector and are making the most of opportunities in the county for digital innovation.

Many people in the creative sector are self-employed or freelance so often work from home, in small workshops or offices spread throughout the county and are attracted by the high quality of life Suffolk offers.

The range of job opportunities is very broad, requiring talented people who are highly skilled and experienced in their field. Work-based experience may be gained through volunteering to get a foot in the door and small companies are being encouraged to look at providing Apprenticeships and intern opportunities.

Examples of organisations in this sector operating across Suffolk include New Wolsey Theatre, Red Rose Chain, and Dance East. 


Showcasing ways museums can use technology to bring their collections and venues to life.